Do you want to go beyond expectations? Beyond the finish and details you thought possible, and that today’s ever-more-critical consumer demands? You’ve come to the right place.

What we do

Our business is built on manufacturing bags for every budget. Do you need a high-end sports bag or a sustainably made shopper that costs little but doesn’t scream cheap?
We’ve got it.


Since 2001, we’ve been pushing the boundaries at our factories in China to create exceptional products for our clients globally. Using innovative and sustainable materials, craftspeople and state-of-the-art machinery to provide finishes ahead of their time; surprising design has always been in our DNA.

Our Clients

It wears your brand name. So we take its every detail beyond fashion and function to a state of fineness. In fact, we’re even our own clients, having designed, built and manufactured products for our own brands, taking them to global success.

Go direct to go beyond

Our supply chain is short. And that’s an incredibly good thing for a number of reasons. Firstly, it saves you money. Secondly, because both our design studio and manufacturing facilities are in-house we save you time and a whole bunch of energy.


Beyond our website is a team of people just as passionate about your brand as you are.
We’re bent on details, driven by design and thrilled by innovative solutions.
Sound good?
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